"Turning Dreams of Paradise Into Lifetime Memories"

(Notes from Our Guest Book)

Alford Charter – May 2007 


Love, Cindy & Ken, Sharon & Bob 

May the Tarpon Gods Bless You! Thanks for the opportunities. Bob 


Stokes Charter – May 2007

You guys are the BEST. Thanks so much! Susan

Thank you! Finally made it back here after 20 years! You made it a great time. Hope we can see you and Catnap again! – Larry and Bobbie

Ramsay Charter – April 2007

Well done! We had an awesome time with you guys. There was not a bad meal to be had. Dull moments we had none, this trip was a lot of fun. Yours truly, Kurt Ramsay

On the 7th we sailed, straight out to sea,

Soon after, livers failed, how else could it be?

A 46ft cat, a vessel proud and true,

The food made us fat,

But with our guts, the enjoyment grew,

The journey is over, our minds reminiscing,

But when all’s said and done, it’s the crew we’ll be missing

Bryce Ramsay

With the above I cannot compete but will agree with all except for the failing liver! My favorite place that we sailed to was White Bay. Not having to cook was great! Not having to come up with meals even better. Thank you for making this trip enjoyable. Irene Ramsay

We had a great trip! Each day was unique and the plan changed where the weather demanded, but every place and activity was a perfect fit. Thanks for a memorable week! The Lawrences

Bogan Charter – March 2007

OMG guys – ya’ll ROCK! The Maryland Bogaus, formally the San Diego Bogaus, had the very best vacation ever! Thank you for truly being an awesome captain – you made “no worries” a reality! The food was so awesome! Thank you for that and all your other little “touches”. All the places we went and the things we experienced were unbelievable! THANK YOU! Please come visit us and we’ll do the Chesapeake! Mike, Rebecca, Geoffrey and Jensen

One of our traditions is listing our “favorite” part of the trip. Over all you can eat lobsters, we sat with you and came up with our list. The full moon party, the Wreck of the Rhone, snorkeling at White Bay, having dolphins swim with our boat, seeing a shark while snorkeling and our list went on. It is almost impossible to list a favorite because every day was special. Thanks to you both for an unforgettable trip. I feel rejuvenated. Mark and Linda Bogan

Arnold/Newman “Second” Charter – March 2007

Great trip.  Ralph Newman

It was sweet having you two as captains. Thanks for making this trip as good as it possibly could have been. Casey Newman

Best trip ever! Thank you for making my senior year spring break the best that it could have been! I had a blast. Alex Arnold

Thank you so much for this trip…couldn’t have asked for a better time! You two are amazing, best captains ever. Always, Janelle

Thank you so much for being our captains. I had a blast and I hope, like I said, we can do this every 2  years – Kevin Arnold

Great trip! Thanks for the great “special” meals. It was wonderful not to cook or clean up for 5 days! Don’t know how you do it in that tiny galley, but everything was great! Thanks for keeping us out of the 5-7 foot swells! Linda Arnold

Great trip once again despite the rain and wind (lack) gods. Hopefully we can make it again in a few. Keep doing what you’re doing! Jack Arnold

Regier Charter – March 2007

This has been a fabulous week! What a great “first” experience we had sailing with you. Thanks for a wonderful time. Mike & Carol

Merci beaucoup for a week in and of fantasia. The laid back feeling of R&R will fade as we head back into busy – mess…you know earning power enough to return…yet, the colors of the Carib will remain painted in our minds art of sea and sky, deeper and richer than marine blue, more of azure, aqua, turquoise, sapphire and violet reflected in those Texan eyes – hang on to your dreams boys – se you in Ethiopia Marvino & Yunni

Beautiful water, skies, stars and people. The memories will always stay in our hearts. Dancing our feet off, drinking tequila, wine (maybe not always together). You boys have made our holiday better than we could have imagined. If you’re ever in Vancouver, give us a call. Jason, my “two step” will never be the same. Francesca & Terry

Hutchins Charter = March 2007

Thanks for everything and showing us a great time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful part of the world with us. PS: We’ll be looking for you at Jazz Fest! 

Karen, Michael, Leigh, Brad, Brenda & Hutch

Thanks guys – it was too much. Hutch

Thanks for a great trip. Hope to see you in New Orleans. Brad & Leigh

Palmer “Family” Charter – March 2007

Thank you for giving our family another wonderful vacation with Catnap after our great time with Paul & Jody on Seas Nymph last year. You two did an outstanding job for us. The food and drink and recommended snorkel and beach spots were right on target. Highlights for me were the Wreck of the Rhone and White Bay beach. Best Wishes, Don

Thanks for an awesome week! We loved visiting some new spots and all the great beach time! Leanne, Emma & Ian

Thanks for an awesome week! It was a break that our whole family needed. The food was excellent! I wish we didn’t have to go back to cold, rainy Atlanta and my last six weeks of high school, but what can you do? Thanks again! Good Bless! PS: Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate? Emma Palmer

Meyer Charter – February 2007

Thanks for the unbelievable trip!! We all had a great time, one day outdoing the previous. What a finish with Seddy at White Bay. The food was fantastic, Jason, it’s incredible what you can do in the tiny galley. Unfortunately, we all gained about 10 pounds on the trip…minus the amount we gave back to the drinking gods late at night or in the morning. You guys were perfect for our group…yea mon! Rob Willard

Awesome, awesome trip. You were perfect for our group. You not only partied with us but you wee always looking out for us – even when we were too far-gone to notice. Each bay, beach and bar were the perfect spot for us to hang out. Jason, thanks for fattening me up this week. Wow! What you could do in a big kitchen. Stephen, thanks for continuing to count us and protect us. Finally, thanks for letting us use all of your things while we had zero luggage. You are so right; one does not need anything in the BVI. Good luck in your adventures. Susan

Thanks for an awesome incredible vacation. All of my research over the last year and a half really paid off. Like I told you when we first met at West End, it was like I already knew you guys. Everything I was told about you guys held true. Where can I begin? The destinations were breathtaking. You guys always knew where the best places, bars, snorkeling and beaches were, not to mention where to watch some of the most incredible sunsets. Jason, great food especially taking into account the room you had to prepare it in. You have a lust for life and remind me of my younger days. Stephen, it is very obvious you love what you do and you do it very well. You know when its time to sail and when its time to party. Thanks for taking us to some of the most unbelievable places. It was also cool to meet all of your BVI friends, Seddy, Rich, Quito and the gang at the Last Resort. Please let JP knew that thanks to his help I was able to overcome a phobia and become a certified scuba diver. Once again, thanks for everything. Hope to see you guys again on the flipside. Yea Mon! John and Amy Meyer

Thank you for the most incredible trip of my life! Debbie 

We cannot thank you enough for the awesome time we had. The Baths were one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen! The food was delicious!! I wish this trip could go on for another week. I wish the best for you guys. Make it a great life. Larry & Karen 

Tropp Charter – February 2007 

Thanks for a great week. We had great snorkeling and diving and it was a lot of fun meeting some of your more interesting friends. Great times busting the moves on the dance floor at Cane Garden Bay and Foxy’s, and veggin out at the “jello spot” at White Bay, where we all learned a new definition of motor boating! Jason’s cooking was super and Steve is a great Captain. You Texas guys rock! Look for us all next year – 

Dee & Bill, Tom & Becky, Steve & Melissa, Fred & the Guitar

Atkinson Charter – January 2007 

Thank you for a great week on the islands and for being very accommodating to all of us. The food was delicious and the service as well. It was fund sailing when we had the chance (full sails). Thanks for taking Bob scuba diving and thanks for taking us snorkeling and making a special trip back to Tortola to watch the Patriots game. If you are every in Boston, please contact us. Thanks so much. 

The New England Crew – Bob & Jean, Bob & Ellen, Ilave & Irene, Lisa & Jean


Sheldon Charter – January 2007

Thanks for a great ride. We’ll never look at the islands the same again. Great week of sailing, relaxation  and just a little bit of party 
(well sort of). Lori & Stuart Sheldon

PS: Is that a planet? No, it’s a f… mast light! Nothing better under the sun or stars! We were the envy of all tourists when they saw our crew…chef/mixologist and party hounds. Thanks for all.Scott & Lara

Hinson Charter – January 2007
 Thank you Stephen and Jason for a wonderful week. You two know the islands so well, I think we saw the best of everything. Now, get your abs in the dingy.  Vidue, Glenn, Jeannie, Paolo & Linda

Harris Charter – New Year’s 2007
Thanks for sharing your paradise with us. You chose the perfect spots for all our diverse tastes – from just beaching it to scuba, you’re all very accommodating! Have a blessed New Year!
Mark, Linda, Alicia, Vince, Bonnie, Matt, Jessica & Lindsay

Hanson Charter – Christmas 2006
What an adventure for our group of 7. Our kids had a blast everyday! A true Caribbean experience! Steve was great with the kids and Courtney was a perfect chef and first mate. We couldn’t imagine two better people to be on a boat with for 7 days.  
Kathy, Aaron, Sadie & Gunnar Hanson

Thanks for a wonderful vacation. You showed courage under fire and kept your cool, a good example for the kids. Best wishes for a great 2007.
Ann, Jon, and Peter

Brubaker Charter – December 2006
Wow! Awesome time! Best way to enjoy the Islands with the bet crew. Every day a new adventure. We will remember this for many many years.  

 We had an absolutely awesome week….I still can’t believe it’s over! Our favorite was definitely White Bay and One Love, but Cow Wreck Beach was a close second. Hopefully someday I’ll actually be able to remember dinner that night on Anegada! You also spoiled us totally with the food on the boat and the great time we had with the two of you – what a great crew! Thanks so much for everything!  Joan & Mike

Thank you for making us part of your island family for a week. We particularly enjoyed the trampoline. It was the perfect place for stargazing, smoking stogies, and “other stuff”. Other favorites included Cow Wreck, snorkeling, and eating on the Catnap. Keep sailing and thanks again for a rocking good time. Ya mon!  Donna and Bob Ives

Captain Stephen & First Mate Courtney – Words aren’t enough to describe what a totally fantastic experience this past week was. This was my first vacation off the continent & one I will remember for many years to come. If and when we do this trip again, we’ll definitely sign up with y’all again. You guys total rock! Thank you for such a great time.  Libby Passamata

Smith/Thorn Charter – November 2006
To the Fun Boys! Take your shirt off and shut your mouth. Cow Wreck, conch fritters, Cold Digger, Red Bull & Vodka Rinchos. Here’s to the only two people in the world who can consistently get me out of my head. See you in a few months “we go to come back”.  Jennifer Smith

Amazing water, amazing people, amazing time. Take care of my other life until I can come back to claim it, ok?  Allyson Harkey

Hauk Charter – November 2006
Awesome week of fun! We are so spoiled and won’t forget your great care.  Rick and Wanda Sills

You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure. Your boat is a great time! We enjoyed meeting all your “friends” and seeing all the sights. The late parties, drinks, food, it’s all good. Good Luck to you and your future trips.  Ziel & Debby Irwin

You two are wonderful and have made our week the best possible! You have shown us sites others probably don’t know exist. Each day only got better, now we come to the end, but hope it’s not goodbye but see you again. There’s always a place for you to visit in Virginia!
Sandy & Ron Hauk

McCartney Charter – November 2006
This has been an awesome trip. I think it has been put close to the top of our list. Willie T's was a night to remember. Thanks again for everything!  Mark & Justine McCartney

The view was incredible and the islands weren't bad either! Thank you for answering all our questions and showing us Bomba's Shack and the Full Moon Party. We will never forget the fun times.  Bill & Karen Musser

It was great! To be honest…it's the best I've eaten in years, Jason…you rock! 
Thanks, I'm going to send my friends.  Bill & Mary Weinaug

Morton Charter – October 2006
We cannot even express how much fun we've had for the past several days! The BVI is amazing and you showed us the best of it. Thanks so much for everything. We appreciate it. I would love to say more, but this hangover…. We wish you guys the best and hope our paths cross again!
Ellen & Tim Owens, Jeff & Natalie White, James & Rebecca Morton

We had such a good time! Stephen and Brandon were the best! They were a lot of fun and were very knowledgeable of the area and the best bars and snorkel spots. I had not been diving in years and Brandon could not have made me feel more comfortable when we took a dive together. One of the best dives that I have been on for sure! The boat and "toys" were great. There was just enough space for everyone without feeling crowded. And, it was nice to be able to just jump off the back of the boat with the noodles and just float with a cocktail!

We cannot express how much fun we had and how beautiful the area is, it would not have been the same without Stephen and Brandon. We feel as though we have made new friends and genuinely hope that our paths cross with them again.
Ellen and Tim Owens

I cannot tell you how wonderful Stephen and Brandon were and how much fun we had on our trip! They were both infinitely knowledgeable about the area and seemed to know everyone at every restaurant and bar we visited, so we got "friends and family" treatment, which made the trip that much more enjoyable. They are both extremely professional while also being some of the most FUN people we've met! I cannot say enough good things about them. The reviews we'd read about the crew were one of the major reasons we chose the boat and we are now 110% sure that we made the right choice! We're actually hoping to keep in touch with our new friends!

The itinerary could not have been better. We felt that we saw everything we wanted to see on such a short trip without being hurried. It was so nice to be able to tell Stephen our interests and have him plan the trip accordingly. The boat and accessories were perfect and having the provisions provided when we got on the boat was a huge plus. We felt that this was by far the best deal we found and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone wanting to travel in style without having to pay the high prices. In basic terms, we have decided that this is the ONLY way to travel!
Rebecca & James Morton

Pauni Family "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" Charter – October 2006
I just wanted to thank you guys for showing us a good, no the greatest time ever and for being studs and cleaning up after all of us. Hey man, if I never see you guys again, I just want to say this…to Steve, I want to say that you're the coolest dude ever; to Jason I want you to teach me how to cook like that! I loved it.

Hey, what's up Brothers! Just want to thank you both for cleaning up after us, putting up with us, cooking for us, talking to us, just everything! I'm just sad that we have to go back home. Thought this trip was the "Bomb"! We probably aren't going to go on another trip like this ever again. This was our first and last time over here and with ya'll. Thanks for making it so much fun! We need to keep in touch because I can't just leave a brother behind! I don't know how to pay you back, but show my love for ya'll! I don't think I will ever forget this trip or ya'll. George Pauni

I want to thank ya'll for all the hospitality and all the crazy fun times! Never forget us and we won't forget ya'll.

Much love, Spencer Pauni

Lake Charter – October 2006
Thank you for the great trip and great memories. The scuba diving and snorkeling were awesome. I finally got to go on my first wreck dives – the Rhone and the airplane. Beautiful sea life – eels, octopus, huge lobster and not to forget the fire coral Lou explored. I don't think I'll ever run from a barracuda again. We also have to mention the food. Jason, you're a great cook! Thanks for introducing us to all the fun island spots and making a vacation of a lifetime. We will try to come visit you guys again with more of our friends. Maybe next time, Lou will finally show you how to lasso a lizard!
Cheers, Lou Lupo and Jennifer Lake

Kibe Family "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" Charter – September 2006
Thanks for the great vacation. Everything was great & wonderful. Both of you were amazing hosts. You opened your boat & home to a family of 5 who have never done anything like this before. The water and beaches were beautiful. We will never forget any of this. It was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for the shells and thanks for the memories. We really appreciate it.
The Kibe Family Shawn, Amy, Kody, Blake & Christian

Where do I begin! Well, that's about all I can say. No seriously, it was truly a fantastic week and you guys really made the trip very special. Your attention to detail is exceptional, making guests want for nothing. I look forward to return trips with more 'EXTREME FAMILIES" and with friends. You guys really give the "EXTREME" families the trip of a lifetime!  All My Love,  Herbalicious (Herb)

Dix “Honeymoon” Charter - August 2006
Well, it was an awesome week. The Baths were awesome and our first scuba ever at the “Aquarium” was awesome. I enjoyed scuba at the “Chimneys” and going through the cave was a cool experience. I can’t say enough about the food, every night was better than the previous and the desserts were incredible. The best part of the trip was the time I got to spend with my new wife. Thank you guys for everything you did to make our honeymoon something we will never forget and cherish forever.  Dan & Stephanie Dix
Yates Charter - August 2006
Thanks for the great time! We will never forget the great, awesome, fantastic days and nights spent on Capnap! Lauren, thanks for not giving up on me! Zac & I will do everything we can to have you certify us. You guys & Gal are very special.
Take care. Zac & Tiff Huff

Eight days and seven nights, what a true sailing delight.
Snorkeling, swimming and beach time fun,
This vacation was worth a ton.
We’ll think of you often as the days go by
We’ll think of you with a tear in our eye.
You’re stuck far away from daily toil and strife
Two poor guys (and a girl) captured in Paradise.
We’ll come to your rescue as soon as we can,
Just let us know when you’ve had all you can stand.

Love you guys, Marge & Roger

Stephen & Jason - What can we say that hasn’t already been said dozens of times in this book? This was a wonderful week! We had an absolutely fabulous time…this was more than we imagined it would be. Thanks for everything…we feel like we’ve been traveling with great friends instead of a crew we just met. We’ve loved all the sports we’ve stopped. Parker says thanks for the “chunky” PB&J! Please also let Lauren know how much we enjoyed and appreciated her being here. Our diving experience was wonderful thanks to her. We will miss you three!  Thanks, Curtis, Kimberley & Parker Yates

Meyer Charter - August 2006
Captain Stephen & Chef Jason - The family had a great time. You made everything comfortable and easy. Kaitlin is now a sailor…well okay up until today, but we’ll try to forget the last crossing. Bethany has new jokes and skits to put on. Billy II is only “for SCUBA” because snorkeling is too tame and Kristian will be a diver by next time. Tropical Storm Chris added some anxiety, but then just got out of our way. The food and company was great. Thanks for sharing your island friends too. It was great.  Karen Marie & Bill & the Crew

Peres Charter - July 2006
Yeah mon! Thanks for such a wonderful trip!!! Glad things worlds out the way they did because otherwise we would not have met you guys. Thank you for a great a memorable vacation.  The New Orleans Crew - Jeremy, Natasha, Keith, John, Janice, Kerty, Kenny, Karly, Brett, Ross, Kate

Kelly Charter - July 2006
One rule on this boat…there are no rules! Ya Mon.
Thanks for an unforgettable week. K.C. Kelly

Thanks for great time…great food…great music…great times!  Megan

Thanks for a great time even though there were some “Dark & Stormy” nights! You Texans are crazy…but in a good way!  Love, Piper

Thanks for the great party time! Dancing the night away was the “last Resort. One love, one life, no regrets…just smile.

Porter Charter - July 2006
Stephen & Lauren - You cook MARVELOUS DARLINGS!! What an awesome time. Great tour of the great places in the BVI. This was the best vacation ever. Thanks for being so laid back about our craziness. I knew we were on the right boat on the first night after Larry’s naked adventure on the back of the boat when you just laughed at him. I think I’ll come back to celebrate my 50th. I hope you think of us every time you hear “I in jail” and “You’re Just a Bumble Bee, Baby”. Great fun, great friends, great food, great scuba diving, swimming drinking, gabbing, dancing and singing. Lauren, you are the best instructor. I felt incredibly safe diving with you. And Steven, you can captain my ship any day. Stay cool. See ya next year. Have a great summer.
Don’t ever change. Nicole

Thanks for making this the best birthday celebration ever. The challenge is to top this next year. I will try.  Larry

Steve & Lauren - Thanks for everything! Finding the best beaches, bars, chow halls, dive sites, etc. Thanks for getting me reacquainted with scuba. Might have to make this a yearly affair.  Stay happy and safe, Mike

Steve & Lauren - Had best time!!! Thank god for OLD men like Larry…he is the best 50 year old! My “first” dive was the best…Lauren is the best dive instructor you can have so she is “a keeper”. Enjoyed ourselves and loved meeting you guys.  Love ya, Matt & Lori

Cherney Charter - June 2006
Jay, Stephen & Lauren - Oh My God, we had a helluva adventure with you guys! There’s not one thing I’d change. Thanks so much for your hard work and attention. You guys are incredible!  Love, Linda & Joe

Jason, Lauren and Cap’n Steve - Thanks so much for tolerating us and showing us the BVI. We will never forget it and you will be in our future stories! Love, Barb & Randy 

FABULOUS doesn’t even come close to describing this trip. It was so much BETTER.  Love ya, Deb & Fern

Nevil Charter - June 2006
We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. You guys did not disappoint us. It was great. Once we found out you were brothers from Texas, we knew we had found our boat. No need to look any further. Ya’ll are great hosts! Very attentive! Jason, the food was delicious. We’ll miss your cooking. Lauren, thanks for taking us diving and thanks for your patience and reassurance. You may have opened up a whole new world for us. Captain Steve, you’re the best. You made this a great trip and took us to see some awesome things. I’m so sorry you all have such a rough life.
Good bess you all! Mickey & Donn Nevil, Joe & MA

Steve, Jason & Lauren - Thanks for creating a safe trip and week…even when we didn’t have our passports. Thank ya’ll for going the extra miles to make it happen!  Blessings, Dean & Rhonda Stroud

Wegener Charter - June 2006
Dear Stephen & Jason - Thanks so much for the beautiful memories. You managed to make every day feel new and fun, even though I’ve sailed the VI several times before. The food was great, your company was even better. From the first night, you made us feel so “at home”. We felt like family. Hope it’s not too long before we see you again,  Fondly, Linda Wegener

Stephen, Jason & Lauren - Thanks Skipper for telling us not to die, it’s good advice to live by. Also for showing us a great time. Jason, the food was excellent, truly gourmet. Thanks for the excellent diving and unforgettable fun. Lauren thanks for showing us the underwater adventures the BVI has to offer. To all you guys, I appreciate the long lasting memories you have given me and my family.  Sincerely, Matthew Wegener

Stephen & Jason - I had so much fun on this vacation. I loved all the places we stopped by, especially Sandy Cay. Thanks for all the great food and thanks for some great memories. Keep up on your strategy at gin rummy…we’ll see who wins next time. Thank you and have a great summer.  Murphy

Stephen & Jason - I had no idea I would ever go out on a sailboat at all - much less spend a week living on one. There aren’t really any words, but I guess thank you and I LOVED it will have to do for now. Lauren - I had absolutely no interest in diving. Now I’m enjoying calling myself a “deep sea diver”! It was a whole new world and you made all the difference. Thank you! Jason - As if my butt hadn’t swollen big enough, your fabulous food made me not care if it expanded more, which I’m sure it did! Stephen, thank you for your humor and your Captain skills. I never once felt like I wanted to be anywhere but on Catnap.  Sincerely with Love, Murph (Christy Carter)
Leonardo Charter - June 2006
Steve & Jason - I had a fun time and I loved “skarfing“. I hope to come back down and we can all go out surfing. I will really miss you guys. Rob and I want to try to come back soon…sometime this winter. I will miss trying to pirate boats. This has been the best week of my life by far. Can’t wait to come back down.  Love, Logan

Steve & Jason - Thanks for a great trip and great sailing. Especially thanks for showing the kids such a great time. I learned a thing or two, hope I wasn’t a bother with it.  Good Luck, Steve Borek

Steve & Jason - Thanks for the trip, laughs, and al-in-all good time. It was fun learning all the nuances of sailing. I never realized how fun it was. Good luck in the future with the charters and your own eventual global travels. Keep it real and keep the music close.  Peace, Bryan Borek

Steve and Jason - Thanks for all the good laughs and “scarfing“. I had a lot of fun on this trip…most in part to your guys. Maybe one day I’ll come down and visit or become a skipper or mate like you guys.  James

Yoder Charter - May 2006
Stephen & Jason - What a great trip! Putting up with our group is not easy…consider yourselves survivors. Thanks for convincing me to keep our boat. It’s just too much fun!  Stay cool dudes. Jim Bain

S&J - Thanks for a fantastic and educational trip. The food and fun were great. Next time, I expect a dinner lesson from Jason! Great luck to you both. Hope you’re still sailing in 20 years.  Eldona & John

S&J - What can I say? How many ways can you describe a fantastic time? I love the way you showed me where the “locals” hang out. I will always remember you both, and I hope to see you again.  The best of luck always! Hank

Stephen & Jason - Thanks for a great week and coordinating with Tomcat. It’s obvious sailing is in your blood and spirit. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Take care of yourselves and each other.  Merry Lee Bain

Diagle Charter - April 2006
Stephen & Jason - Best vacation yet…I haven’t even left yet and can’t remember where we went, my guess is it was the dark & stormy’s or the ting & tang or some other drink. I never knew letting loose could be so fun.  Love,  Arlene

Stephen & Jason - I’ve had many exotic and exciting vacations, but this has been my favorite. Thanks for the intro to sailing and VI’s. 
Good luck in all your endeavors.  Love, Lynn

Stephen & Jason - Where do I begin? You both were so accommodating. 
Once I lost the watch, it became a vacation in paradise! Truly. May your sails be always filled.  Diane

McGreevy Charter - April 2006
Stephen & Jason - We had a wonderful week, although I though I would die of alcohol poisoning. The Bomba Shack was a new experience…Willie T’s was the Best!! If we embarrassed you guys and you can’t show face there again, I’m not sorry! Anyway, had a Blast!! Call us when you venture up to Cape Cod.
Ginny Lewis

Jason & Stephen - I was in need of a little TLC and you both were right there to take care of that. My first charter…all good memories. Especially loved the guided tours so that we didn’t miss the highlights. You know I hat missing something. Call me if you make it to the Cape.  Diane Meserve

Stephen & Jason - You two are a great pair. I loved everything. Snorkeling, drinking, the awesome views from the top of these hills. I truly enjoyed everything we did. Willie T’s will always be a “bragging” story. Jason, you can come cook for me anytime. May you always have wind!  Robin Cody

Stephen & Jason - Thank you very much for my most fantastic vacation. NEVER before have I met two people that have won my complete trust and friendship so quickly. The genuine love that the both of you share for each other and your guests is truly a gift. You are both beautiful people to the core. I shall remember this vacation for the rest of my life and most of the reasons why are because of the two of you. The natural beautify these islands only enhances the impact of the trip. The food far exceeded my expectations and I have no complaints at all. PS: You are both welcome at my home anytime.
Bailey Brenn

Coleman Charter - March 2006
Stephen & Jason - Words can’t express the experience on ‘Catnap’. You both have made us feel like family and we look forward to your visiting us in Boston. “Outstanding”.   Best Regards, Doreen & Jack Ward

Stephen & Jason - Thank you very much for a wonderful action-packed week. I absolutely had a ball, never a dull moment. I will never forget the “Willy T” and all it offered!!! Diving with Jason really helped…his expertise was invaluable, not to mention his cooking skills. Steve, you are a very capable captain, your personality and boating skills made us very comfortable.  See you both very soon!! Bob and Julie Baker

What a great life in Paradise. Thanks for the memories. They last a lifetime.  Terry

Currier Charter - March 2006
Stephen & Jason - This week was absolutely fabulous. Our memories will last us a lifetime. We are pleased to be the virgin crew that experienced the ecstasy of your first whale sighting. Thanks to Jody for the experience of SCUBA. The food was totally awesome. We now know that calories don’t count in the BVI. Captain Stephen truly has the expertise, knowledge and personality of a sailor. Second mate, Jason, threw his all into everything he did, completing a duo that could not have been asked to do anything more for us to make this trip the success that it has been. Looking forward to our next journey with you.
The best to you,  Steve & Mel, Jim Mardi, Chad & Judy

Gorman Charter - February 2006
Friends…Great time guys…I wish you both all the best in the exciting adventure that lies ahead…fill your sails with wind…your belly full of rum and “keep your stick on the ice” Thanks Stephen, Jason & Lauren - Bryan

Stephen, Jason & Lauren - Thanks for making this vacation one of the best ever for us!! Did some amazing snorkeling, cool diving, livestock riding (donkey) in the bar at The Last Resort!! 
Thanks for the great memories, great food, outstanding company and the best Bushwackers in the Virgin Islands! John and Cory

Stephen, Jason & Lauren - Thanks for everything…great food, fun, entertainment…what else could I ask for in a holiday…1st time livestock was involve din the entertainment. Russ and Monica

Awesome time guys. Every time we see a donkey, we’ll think of you. Yee-haw! 
Look, I travel a lot, and this was by far the best group vacation ever. Love you guys!!! Jacqui & John

Plasman Charter - February 2006
Many safe returns! Thanks for it all. Scott & Sarah

Thanks for helping us show our friends the real Caribbean! It’s been a great week! Mike & Sue Plasman

To Stephen (El Capitan) & Jason (El Gato) - We had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking care of us and looking after us! Wally & Teresa

Ryan Charter - February 2006
Great days, great nights, great food, great attitudes. You guys are awesome. Thanks for a great week. One Love Rocks! Larry Andrews

Stephen & Jason, Thank you for the great times in Paradise! Terrific gour guides. Fun Fun Fun! Tim Ryan

Davies Charter - January 2006
Happy birthday, Jason! It’s been a wonderful trip…everything we dreamed of. Thanks for being such awesome hosts and for making us comfortable on board and off. Cheers, Cathleen and Arthur
Stephen & Jason - I’m a writer on holiday so I can’t write anything too deep & meaningful except to say that we can’t thank you enough for such an amazing week. I’ve never had anyone put so much effort into finding a substitute for chocolate brownies. As I was guzzling water and gazing at the wavering starts after the chocolate cake evening, I wrote you a verse to a song:
On the sixth day of sailing
My captain gave to me,
Three chocolate cakes,
Two chardonnays,
And a strawberry daiquiri

I think you’ll recognize the tune. We hope to see you in Ottawa for some skating, skiing, poutine and Hooker’s Beavertails! Happy 25th Jason! All the best, Kathryn Young & Bill Davies

Thanks for looking after us above and below the waves. The food, the diving, flying the chute and most of all your sense of humor will stay with me forever. I hope your ocean voyage comes true. All my best, Bill Davies

Pallop Charter - January 2006
Stephen & Jason - Thanks for a great vacation. These islands are a sight to see. We will have many memories. Brandon was a great asset to help you with your broken wing. The food was also great! This is Paradise! You also had the opportunity to meet Mike Homerun (Seattle Seahowks!). Joe and Claudia

Stephen & Jason & Brandon - Ditto!! Newell & Elyse

Steve, Jason & Brandon - Although I’ve been boating for almost 30 years, this is the trip I’ve wanted to make forever. Aside from some rough seas the first few days, it was all I’d hoped for; coming & going when we wanted, when we wanted to move and a more than helpful crew. Many thanks for all your help. Cookie & Steve Neiberg

Steve, Jason & Brandon - Although the ride started a bit bumpy, you guys did a great job finding calmer waters. The food was always stellar and the Mango Coladas superb. We look forward to looking you guys up when we do this again. Good luck with all your future endeavors and adventures! 
Marcy & Eric Pallop

Laschuk Charter - January 2006
Tony & Jason - Thank you for everything this past week. This was the best vacation I have ever had. Learning to sail the boat and flying the Genoa was amazing (sailing at 8 knots baby!). The food was wonderful and the two of you really made the trip for me. Matt Laschuk PS: Love the stories.

Jason & Tony - thanks for a great vacation. I learned a lot of stuff here. Thanks a lot…I had a blast! Mike

Tony & Jason - Thanks for the wonderful trip. It was one of the greatest trips ever. It would not have been as good if you were not here. Mark

Tony & Jason - Great week thanks to you guys. If you are ever in Canada, look us up. Maria & Dan Laschuk

Pecker “Christmas” Charter - December 2005
Dear Stephen & Jason. This trip was Elliot’s dream come true originally, but it turned out to be mine too! The islands, water, food, learning to SCUBA was more than I imagined. Thanks for being a great crew! Happy, Healthy New Year. Susan, Elliot, Rachel & Caroline

Revilla Charter - December 2005
To Jason, Captain Howdy and anyone who may come across this. Although my family and I have not stayed on long, we have experienced enough things to make memories to last a lifetime. Some of the things I won’t forget: diving in the beautiful different water, finding turtles, stingrays, lobsters and fish I didn’t know existed, Seddy, Isaac, meatball subs, the Bushwacker (thanx Seddy), Mountain Pt. and the tornado of death, Maya and the sea urchin, getting my hair braided at the full moon party, monopoly, swimming with the “floating rock”, the song “here comes the bride” and of course, Jason and Stephen. I loved every part of the trip and I will never forget this place and the people that are here. I love you guys! Kidra

I had a really great time on the trip. We did so many fun things with you guys…my favorite thing we did was play monopoly syke…that was really fun though I learned a whole bunch of new card games too. I really like snorkeling and scuba diving with you guys. We saw a lot of cook fish and coral. The food was great, it’s really gonna suck going back home. Miss you guys soooo much. This was the best vacation I have ever been on! Kayla

Stephen & Jason. You guys have really got it down. The two of you really made our trip. The way you’re able to be there when we need you and give us space when we want it. I love the way you are able to serve us while making us feel as though there is nothing else you would rather be doing. Stephen you were a wealth of knowledge…tour guide, captain, dive partner and friend. I know we would not have been able to experience as much had we had another captain. Jason, the food was great, always ready when we were and with great presentation. Love that meatball sandwich. Hope we can sail together again some time. Your friend, Don
I’m sooo sad that I’m leaving you “fixin” guys! The monopoly tournaments were pretty awesome! The exorcist was freaking me out! You are going to go on the yellow short bus that doesn’t have stairs…it has a lift that goes sideways, and you are going to wear a helmet and you aren’t going to play football. I will miss you! Love, Maya (your favorite)

Stephen & Jason - You know the saying “Words can’t express…” it rings true with this experience. So many wonderful memories in such a short time. I appreciate you anticipating our needs and then acting on it without our asking. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with us (and enhancing it!) Here’s to you both (clink, clink) and here’s to us meeting up with you again in paradise. “One love” - Paula Revilla

Smith Charter - December 2005
Gents - I forgot about how good the good life is. Thanks…you guys are good to go, so when you’re ready to give up all this water for some sand, look me up. BP

To our most fabulous crew!! We had the best time, made new beautiful memories, and acquired some new fantastic friends. This is one trip we’ll never forget! Thank you. Cheers! Richard

This trip was unbelievable! Between the boat and the crew, the water and the scenery, this past week will stick in my mind for a long time to come! I will definitely be back!! Thanks to Steve & Jason for making my vacation so wonderful! Sarah

Thank to Stephen & Jason for making this a very memorable trip. The scuba diving and snorkeling were fantastic. You guys rock. Ryan & Liz
Stephen & Jason - Six radically different people from Atlanta…six days on the Catnap…words fail me. I was expecting a lot, but you two delivered far more than I ever could have hoped for. From having the perfect music to fulfilling the disparate needs of each of our group - Wow! And a special thanks, Stephen, for getting me through my own self-created rough spots. I’m now a believer. Same time next year? Jennifer

Thatcher Charter - November 2005
The voyage of Pai, Levenson, Teitle & Thatcher.
It was very exciting at 4:30 am when we awoke suddenly to crashing of an island packet into us while we set on the mooring ball. No damage done. It was all uphill from there. A great day of tacking up the Drake Passage under full sail. Cow Wreck…cool. Snorkeling at Jost…cool. Baths…great, but we got lost. Stephen & Jason both great company, great sailors, great cook that Jason and damn wonderful pina’s. Thanks for all Charles T.

S&J Ray were great, Cow’s Wreck; Cooprs, Jost and Quito’s…Yahoo! DL Thanks for the tour and great food! You Texas boys are a hoot (and nuts!) It was a trip I will always remember…snorkeling, the starts, the beaches and the ATV ride. Thanks for keeping us safe! Until next time, Bonnie

Captain was great in finding all the great places. Jason’s cooking was fantastic. Paradise…I became a snorkel fanatic - unlike Stephen the Snorkel Snob! Thank to the both of you. Faith

Buller Charter - November 2005
Thank you! We had a wonderful time! We will remember you forever! Tonya Culley Simply put…my favorite vacation. I enjoyed sharing sea stories with the crew and friends aboard. Stephen & Jason were great to work with and let us do whatever we wanted.
 A vacation like this gives one renewed perspective and spirit. See you soon again. Todd Cully

We had a great time. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime! Great friends, great food, great fun! Jason makes one heck of a pina colada! Thank you captain for all your helpful hints! Can’t wait to do it again! Wade & Lisa Bassett

Stephen & Jason - What a great week! You are both great sailors. We enjoyed your company. Thanks for your patience with us landlubber Midwesterners. Good luck to you both and continue to enjoy life while you sail the world. We are jealous! Thanks! Jason, food was outstanding!  Bill Buller

A wet suit, rum punch, no butter, no worries Mon! Thanks for the great times and great snorkeling! Loved the whole week!! Cynthia Buller

Hennessey Charter - November 2005
We had a blast…lots to see & do & great food! 
Thanks for taking such good care of us…you keep enjoying your adventure…we will keep enjoying ours! Clarita

We had a great time, this was the best trip ever…Rock on with your rock paper scissors. It was so much fun snorkeling. 
This was a great trip! Rebecca & Taylor

Parmalee Charter - October 2005
Thanks guys for an awesome vacation!! I still can’t believe you pressured my hubby to earn a T-shirt with me from the Willy-T!! Surprised he did it! A whole new side to him! Thanks for introducing us to all these beautiful islands in the BVI! Love, the Kish’s PS: Thanks for trusting me to “hook” the cat up!!

Thanks for a great time. This island trips were great. There were a few nights to too much partying, but it was great. This was a trip we will be talking about for a long time. It was a perfect way for Sam to spend his 40th birthday. You guys are great! The BVI islands are too! 
Sam & Debbie Parmalee
Hope to see you again in the future!!

Trulock Charter - October 2005
And a good time was had by all! Thank you for all the work you two put into making this a wonderful graduation gift for Christine! She did us all a favor when she decided on this trip of a lifetime. We’ve got great memories to treasure and a couple of pictures…We probably need to come back again so that we’ll have a chance to snap more photos. Great time with family, great views, great moon & stars, great beaches, great food, great crew! 
Thanks for everything!   Robert, Anne and Christine

Edmondson Charter - October 2005
A totally great experience. Great hosts from Day #1. Later, just part of the family! Stephen & Jason were always a step ahead (ooops…one step above “WT”) making sure this trip was absolutely the best ever. Thank! You guys Rock! Wendy & Mark W.O.W. What a wonderful trip. We really had a great time! Big “Thank You” to Stephen & Jason for making us comfortable even in the nasty weather. Jason…you did a fantastic job on all our meals! We’ll never forget the laughter and memories of the Cooper Island Beach Club & Willy T’s!!! along with all the other great places we stopped. The dive spots were excellent. Best of luck to you both. Hopefully, we’ll see you again in a couple of years.   Lyndon & Denise, Tom & Karen

Owen Charter - September 2005
Super experience and thank you for the “Happy Birthday” cruise for Jarrett! Fun to compare all our family backgrounds in Texas. Best wishes for years of smooth sailing! J. Durwood and Kathleen Owen

We have been at sea for 10 days and have seen and done more in those 10 days than most do in a lifetime. Our experiences while without new “brothers” have ranged from magical to unimaginable. While faced with in climate weather for part of the trip, our spirits were always excited. I doubt that any other trip has been as memorable as this one. On our “marooned” island, we saw the newest Kentucky Derby…Hermit Style…to being stranded with few clothes on the Willy T. We played in the phosphor-essence along an extremely “moon-lit” beach and really found the meaning of One-Love with our buddy, Seddy. Stephen & Jason…you guys are family and I commend the owner of the “Catnap” for making you captain and crew. Without your skill of wind, water and island knowledge, I doubt our trip would have been as memorable. We look forward to our next trip with you both…only next time, it will be “In Season”. Jarrett & Stephanie Lamb

What a wonderful experience these past few days! I have always wanted to go sailing and not get sick while doing it! Thanks for a great time at sea. May all your paths be smooth sailing. Mary Ann Chandler

Smolenski Charter - September 2005
Captain Stephen and Jason - thanks for a great time and helping us make Jack’s 50th birthday a memory for always. All the great stops, great food, great drinks, with great friends. Love, Jack and Lee

Steven and Jason - The Best Time Ever! I’ve never had a better va-cay…just chillin…Good food, drinks, memories and people. Thanks!!! JJ & Jill

Captain Steve & Jason - Thanks for a wonderful time. Everything was perfect, especially the bushwhackers! The food, beaches and everything will be lasting memories. Deb & Vince

Steve & Jason - Great time - thanks for everything - Dave & Terry 

Awesome! Thanks Guys, Robin

Welch “Honeymoon” Charter - September 2005
Tony, Jody and Catnap - We had no idea what to expect from our vacation. It was great having the BVI all to ourselves. How many people have walked the Baths and not seen a soul. We will remember our honeymoon forever and our trip with you two. 
To many future memories and getting back here as soon as possible. Andrew and Allison Welch

Dimo/Hunter Charter - August 2005
What a trip. You guys are a stellar couple of sailors - great personalities, easy-going, multi-talented and best of all, you’ve given me peace of mind sailing, snorkeling, and especially diving. Too bad its only for 3 days, but it feels like a week. I’m so very relaxed. Thanks again for showing us some spectacular places and for being so accommodating. We’ll definitely have to do this again and send our friends. Good luck and see you again. Mindy 

Stephen and Jason - Thank you for the best three and half day vacation I’ve ever had. I really feel like some of my “Square” edges have been rounded off! It’s going to be VERY hard to go back to life as a corporate lawyer. If you ever need someone to sit in a corner of the boat eating guacamole, please give me a call! Minoti

We might have sailed with badder men,
But really can’t remember when!
Miles of smiles - no crocodiles!
And Rum - oh, Drum - oh,
Guacamole gumbo - oh!
Life is so hard, on Catnap!
Grazzi, Multi, Benni

Stephen and Jason - What a wonderful group. Stephen and Jason…we should all have such a wonderful life! Excellent dives, happy hours, the bars…Willy T and One Love… We are happy! I’ll miss you both and think of you. Be happy, careful and always keep the wind at your fail. Mary

Mendez Charter - August 2005
We had a great time. Great food, spectacular diving, beaches and best of all, the botanical hike at Sandy Cay. I have found my true calling…goat herder. It was also amazing to meet another space cadet. Remember “Space is the Place!” Thank you for a great vacation and wonderful memories.

Cacopardo Charter - August 2005
Everything was “Buonissino & Bellissino”. You must open a restaurant in Miami! We will never forget your afternoon brownies and Jason’s eyes in the morning! I will never forget this vacation, you two are the coolest. Thank you Matias

Great hammock, great fishing, great snorkeling, great fun and good time!
See you in 2006.  Matias, Martina, Macella, Willie, Isabella, and Angelo

Arnold/Newman Charter - August 2005
Great trip. Stephen and Jason did an excellent job. We all had a wonderful time. Thanks, Ralph Newman

It was fun to go scuba diving in all the places we went, thanks. Also, I am so happy we got young, funny, cool Captain and Mate (rather than an old, grumpy, captain). Casey Newman

What a great time! We enjoyed the crew (Stephen and Jason)!, the food, the many activities, dancing!, and just hanging out. We can’t wait to come back. Thanks, Cheryl Newman

Thanks for a great trip. I had an awesome time tubing and knee boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling and just hanging out. Thank you, Kevin Arnold

Stephen and Jason, Thank you so much for making Jack’s dream trip so much fun! Highlights, not necessarily in order: Scuba diving/snorkeling, One Love, Foxy’s for dancing, Painkillers, Jason’s cooking, dishwashing (I’ll have to come back for the fish sandwich), salt water showers…a first!…dinghy rides in the dark. Thanks for the great memories! Linda Arnold

Hey Stephen & Jason - Great time. I’d like to say there was one thing that was the best, but it all was the best. All the kids had a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll make it back sometime soon. Keep up the great work! Jack Arnold

Stephen & Jason - Thanks so much for everything! I had a blast on this trip! It will be a completely unforgettable one of many reasons! I hope that one day we will be able to do it again! Thanks so much, Alex

Stephen & Jason - Well, I had so much fun these past few days. Thanks for helping us with all our “planning”. I was a little disappointed that you weren’t rostas, but you were fun anyway. Jason - 8 years, that’s all I have to say. Thanks for everything! Molly Newman

Choe Charter - July 2005
What a great time we all had! Thanks for showing us such beautiful places and many new experiences (including eating lobster off a bar counter!) Thanks for all your patience with the little one!! Leslie, Ed & Evan

Thanks for taking me everywhere on the dingy! And for throwing the tube out and dragging me around. The dives were AWESOME!! I loved the barracuda’s and the jellyfish and the arrow crib! Thanks for everything. I had so much fun.  Justin

Saypol Charter - July 2005
Stephen & Jason - Wow! What can we say. Our 10th anniversary trip will be forever in our memories as one of the best ever. You helped make all our dreams for this trip come true. Beautiful places, great food and lots of laughter. We will miss you and hope to see you on another trip very soon. Love, Cindy, Bob, Scott, Ariel and Madison
PS: Say hit to Seddy at the One Love Jost Forever!! Love you guys!!

Loader Charter - July 2005
Thanks for a fun week! The only thing that sums up the holiday must be… “What the curtains?!” Thanks guys! AL

Anyone for a round of ring of fire? Thanks for a great time and a good introduction to the best liquor on the island! Especially enjoyed the midnight swim, thankfully we didn’t drown. I’ll enjoy my hangover all the way back to England! Cheers, Stephanie

It has been wonderful, perfect and enjoyable! Thanks for all! Manita

To “Ishkabibel & Herbert” - We survived tropical storms, pending hurricanes and all sorts, but the Jaegermeister and Mont Gay got us in the end! Thanks for a great week. We enjoyed the full moon (!) Love, Chris

An unforgettable combination. May your farewells be short and your days be long. Adian

Klarman Charter - July 2005
“Cap’n Can” Steve, Jason and Jody - We can’t tell you enough how great you guys are. You showed us one hell of a good time. You made us feel like family from the get-go. Jody, maybe I’ll be back and dive with you. Jason, you are an awesome cook with a personality that shines. Take care of Annie. Last but surely not least. Captain, you kept us safe and drunk and laughing all the way. Remember, to email us. Love to you all. Phyllis, Norm and Nomie

Thanks for showing us how much fun it is to do a charter. We have so many wonderful memories to take back with us. Great food, sailing…not to mention all the laughs we shared. Stay in touch. Debbie, Jamie & Kelsey Klarman

Thank you “Captain Ken” for making us have a great vacation. Thank you Jason for wonderful food. Thank you Jody for taking me diving and taking care of me when I was sick! We had such a great vacation. Thanks so much. Luv ya all!
Kelsey “Pick Me” Klarman

O’Donnell Charter - June 2005
Thanks for a great week! We had a blast or so they tell me. Jason, always remember “Some day all this will be yours” (to be read in an English accent), including “the Curtains”. Cheers Guys,  Chris O’Donnell

Frauman Charter - June 2005
Captain Stephen, Jason & Jody - We should be well-remembered as the family who swallowed orange seeds that clogged the toilets, followed by using up all the fresh water in 2 days for the “Princess” to shower, then having a Sharon Stone panic attack at the onset of learning scuba, which was further enhanced by the emergency doctor’s visit for the Princess’ infected ear. That’s not where it ends. Ariel insists on watching Home on the Range 8 times and just refuses to show Captain Steve Finding Nemo, so Captain Steve takes control and hands out tissues for the Nemo premier. Once we’ve wiped away the tears, we pour a drink and listen to stories of the Barge where nakedness gets you a T-shirt. Now Opie has managed to take a ton of pictures and load them in a slide show on the Princess’ laptop set to Island in the Sun and Better When We’re Together. It seems Sharon Stone has overcome her fear of removing her mask underwater, but has subsequently lost a snail shell down the toilet which needs immediate attention from Captain Steve. Time to buckle down and study for open water diving certification as Princess & Stone have to make it through 5 chapters of reading, 5 chapters reviews and 4 chapter quizzes, and a final exam, whereas Opie must complete 2 chapters of reading, 2 chapter review, 1 chapter quiz and 1 final exam!

All of this is such a beautiful story, but it really doesn’t compare to the paradise-like setting of : White Bay at Jost Van Dyke, White Bay at Guana Island, Spanish Town and Saba Rock on virgin Gorda, diving at the Aquarium and Long Bay on Virgin Gorda and hiking the Baths, diving Manachiel Bay at Cooper Island, the Rhone at Salt Island, snorkeling Great Harbor on Peter Island. All of this before returning to Road Town to send Rylen home while we stay 2 extra days near Josiah’s Bay. We’ve decided we will be back for more! Please keep in touch and we’ll be sure to exchange recipes.
Sharkey, Sharon Stone, Princess, Opie and Ariel

Hopkins Charter - June 2005
Fantastic Adventure you guys! Every day stood on its own. Getting to know you two was a blast and we are looking forward to another trip real soon.
Sue, Alec, Dylan & Dennis Hopkins

Goebel Charter - May 2005
Thanks for a great vacation. Stephen and Jason, you are great, your professionalism and personalities are excellent. Thanks for all the great beaches and snorkeling. Give us a call when you come back to Houston. Mike & Mary Ann

What can I say, it was a great time. Our crew was Great! This is the first vacation that Jeannie wants to continue forever and not rush home to her animals. Stephen & Jason you are welcome at our home any time you visit Houston.  Gary & Jeannie Emerson

Stephen & Jason - Thanks for the wonderful vacation. We thought each day "This can't get any better" BUT it did! Thanks for putting up with T-Van, he had a great time. The food was great! Prepared as great as some of the best chefs in New Orleans. Ever come to New Orleans, give us a call. Charlotte & T-Van PS: Add the Fishing Charter to your website!

Stephen & Jason - Thanks for a fantastic vacation. We truly hate to leave "island time. Thanks for all your patience and listening to all the old "stories" one more time. Jason was right, "I've never let you down", because the food was wonderful. It's amazing what comes out of that tiny kitchen! Stephen, you showed us what must be some of the most beautiful places in this paradise BVI. Hopefully, we will be able to do it all again sometime...well, maybe not ALL! Linda and Charlie Ashley PS: We would love to show you a good time up on Lake Conroe. Come on up!
Mike & Mary Ann Goebel, Gary & Jeannie Emerson, Charlotte & T-Van Falgout, and Charlie & Linda Ashley

Myers-Jackson Charter - May 2005
Loved Catnap! Lucked into Catnap, Stephen & Jody. Life has been wonderful for the past week! Lots of memories made and new great friends. We wish Stephen & Jody the best of luck, they are both wonderful people. Thanks for a fabulous vacation and remember No Shots & keep your clothes on & find those Willey T T-shirts    !

Thanks Jody and Stephen for a wonderful week. The food was perfect and seeing all the sights was wonderful as well. I had some reservations about the trip, but I've truly enjoyed everything. All the memories are and will be nice along with some NICE??? pix, but meeting two really good people is better. Take care and God bless both of you.
Greg and Sheri Myers-Jackson

Dubberley Family Charter - May 2005
Thanks to you...the best crew!

Stephen & Jason - A wonderful experience a first but not last time at snorkeling. Thanks for your support, and of course the tasty meals and devine brownies! Thanks too for touring us about the islands. The pates recommendation and the island magic at One Love. Keep an eye on Lilly, she's a cutie. Cheers -  Melanie

Particularly liked snorkeling around the baths! Aaron

Thanks to Stephen & Jason - we had a great trip! Elizabeth

Good snorkeling. Good beaches. Good food & wine. The rain was no problem. Reneau

Reneau, Elizabeth, Aaron and Melanie Dubberly

Coyl Charter - May 2005
Stephen & Jason - Dear Me! Thanks to you both for the best vacation ever. Improvise, adapt and overcome – you two go the extra miles. Jason, you are an awesome cook and Stephen a great captain. Your chemistry set the high bar for vacations to come. Thanks Guys! Please remember Cuervo Nation and the poem to the Catnap crew the night before.

Stephen & Jason - your stories are hysterical and we kinda, a little, feel sorry for Bryan. After a week with you two, we all think it’s time to rethink our priorities – boys, you have it all figured out! We all take our vacations very seriously and after this week we can’t take too much seriously any more. Way to go guys!

The islands were great, the sailing great, late nights great, oh everything was great! It’s going to be a very long year, waiting to vacation together as the 8 of us – Sean & Suzanne (porno Sean), Claude & Claudia, Patti & Ed. Welcome to the vacation pack we are all so protective of!

Cheers to the sharpie, cheers to the islands, cheers to the bar hops, cheers to the beached whale at Cane Garden Bay that Peta tried to save and Stephen tried to score, cheers to half the eastern seaboard and all in the Caribbean.

Note to DJ & Laddie - take care of these guys. They are priceless!

Thanks again for a great time – its gonna be a long year. Take care, stay healthy and don’t fall off the boat while Jason is sleeping. 
That’s an Order! Suz, Claude, Claudia, Patti, Sean & Ed

Gerundo Charter - April 2005
All was perfect! The “barbecue” superb! Cocktails mixed with the skill of the real professional. The choice of the route very intelligent! Friendliness and availability of the crew was above the standards. 
We hope to come back...Thanks you.
Grazie Steven & Jason!!!

Bryan Charter - April 2005
Captain Steven, Jason & Jody - YOU’RE THE BEST! Thanks for the best week all of us have ever had, bet you never thought nine 18 & under’s would be so much fun! Thanks for the great snorkeling and scuba diving.

Thanks for the great times. Thanks for defending me during dinner and for taking us out (and back) at night – I’ll always remember those 3am sailor conversations and stories. From now on if people don’t make me happy or them, they can get out of my happy life. Remember to save a week for me in March 2006!

She’s actually not coming in March, so don’t make any room, but Bobby might. Thanks for the great vacation, I loved it, it was really fun, and I’m still gonna hate myself for not dancing with that really hot girl. You guys need to teach me some dance moves!! Good times on Catnap.

Elmore/Bunting Charter - April 2005
Captain Steven & Jason - Thank you for the vacation of a lifetime - an experience we will never forget! Who would’a thunk a bunch of Texas hicks would wind up cruising the V.I. by pure chance. You do Texas proud and cook a mean steak (even by Texas standards). The personal insights and knowledge made the trip complete. Say Hi to Seddy at One Love for us and get that Texas flag flying soon! Warren & Holly Bunting

Guys - Thank you so much for the great vacation! We had a great time! Damn Painkillers! Damn those Margaritas! Gotta Love It!!! Hopefully we will meet again! Thanks again, Broc & Susie Elmore

Green Charter - April 2005
Captain...My Captain and Half Pint - As soon as you waved at the girls across West End, we knew that this trip was gong to ROCK! Jost was fab…Wendy got sparked on by Foxy’s son…Angela got mojoed by the island dog and lost her hair…the ocean really rocked! Off to Virgin Gorda, the conversation and work war stories, the 2L discussions really was fun! Norman Island…OK what we remember…Wendy acknowledges the award to the harsh witch, Anna feeling no need for a Pain Killer. Din din on the boat and then off to the Pirate Place. This is when we really had a machete of a time. The tattoos, the crowd, the rum and finally the T-shirt. We just had too much fun! Not to be outdone by the last night, the jelly fish were fab! We had so much fun, we will be back if you will have us. Of course, thanks also for teaching us dominos. The score remain Captain 0, the girls 20.
Love, Anna, Christie, Wendy and Angela. PS Thanks for the bush!

eldman Charter - March 2005
Steven & Chris - We had a wonderful time! The snorkeling spots were great, the beaches were beautiful and the restaurants were delicious! Thanks also for watching out for Amanda, Matt & Chad and making sure they got back to and in the boat after the late nights! Molly

Thanks for a great vacation and for taking care of us after those late nights! Amanda

Steven & Chris - Excellent time! Thanks for looking after Amanda. We envy your jobs. Take care, Ken

Steven & Chris - Thanks for everything. It will be hard to forget me since I’m moving in with you guys. Lord have mercy, Matt

To the Captain & His Mate - You always steered the ship from one beautiful spot to the next, all the while keeping the booze flowing. Unforgettable. Chad

LoVerme/Emma Charter - March 2005
First time on a boat. loved it!!! Weather was fantastic. Crew was delightful. Will never invite Stephen to play cards with us again. Meals were outstanding. Sandy is a great chef. Stephen a great captain. Enjoyed their company as well as their expertise. Kate and Paul

Thanks for the sailing tips and all your help. Enjoyed the lessons. Sandy, the food was fantastic! Beth and Tony

Paul & Kathy LoVerme/Tony & Beth Emma - New Jersey

Rozanski Charter - March 2005
"Makin' It Happen On The Catnap"

1. Scuba diving, scuba dving, scuba diving!
2. Evening swims
3. Jumping from the Willie T
4. Hating and then loving the Blow Harrrrd at Michael Bean Show!
5. Tortola - experiencing Salo and his shaggin wagon, joining Salo's family for bush tea & salt fish
6. Jost Van Dyke - 83 cocktails at One Love and T-shirt enshrined on Seddy's wall
7. Stealth mission to spite the mooring taker's dingy
8. Camping with marginal hippy chick
9. Disobeying Scuba instructor in 15 mph current
10. Winning conch shell blowing contest championship over an 11 year old

To the Crew - Stephen, Jody and Sandy - Thanks for the vacation of a lifetime! You have given us memories we will never forget (and we hope we did the same for you)!

Kevin Rozanski, Chris Rozanski, Bryan B. Jaffe, Anthony Rich & Ephrain Atwol - New York

Kunes Charter - January 2005
This has been a perfect vacation! Captain Jonny was a great captain handling the boat and caring for us. He is a most considerate young man with a great knowledge and feel for the islands and sailing. Always bring Biggi! You are a perfect pair. Thanks for everything. Suzzie

Captain Jonny - I would recommend you as a Captain to anyone. You have the ability to give confidence, but in a relaxed way for a great vacation. With Biggi's meals, this has been fabulous. Chris was great help. Thanks, Rick

Jonny, Biggi and Chris - What great fun! Noel and I have been on 5 other trips, but none where the crew was more attentive nor where the cuisine was so superb! Thanks to all for the fabulous memories. We shall keep in touch and email pictures in the next week or so! Noel and Bob

Rhodes Charter - January 2005
Dear Marc Anthony and Octavian - Thank you for a great time from Cleopatra Selene.

Dear Jonny (Marc Anthony) and Octavian (aka Chris) - Through storm and rain and T-bone, we enjoyed every day. Thanks and hope to see you somewhere sailing. PS When you visit Manhattan, give us a call.
Your pals, Cleo and Julius C. (aka Martha/Dr. D) (aka Tom).

Jonny and Chris - We had a great time, our very first island adventure. Thanks for all your help. I'll never forget the color of the water, the snorkeling, the views from the top of hills and the island people. Best of luck to you both. Susie

We shall be back guys for more great times, good dancing, dinners, sailing, diving and generally living the way it should be done. We'll look you up. Hope you have great success till then. Bruce

Jonny and Chris - Thanks for assuring a wonderful time and thinking about what would be fun on the cruise. After three cruises in the BVI, I can honestly say that this was the best one! Tom Rhodes (aka Julius Caesar)

Schmitt Charter - November 2004
Capt. Jonny fit well with our group. Fun loving and fancy free just like sailing. Much fun was had at every stop till the very end with the turtles. I think he may have learned some things from us – life, boating and women – guess we’ll find out when we see him next year. Jonny, thank you for a great vacation. Sharon & ET (a.k.a Ginger and The Professor)

Captain Jonny, Thank you for a wonderful trip. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We wish you the best of luck as Captain, and hope to see you next year. Always remember grasshopper learns from the Wise One!! Thanks again, Cindy & Todd (aka Mr. & Mrs. Howell)

Captain Jonny, WOW! Thanks for a great trip in a beautiful place. We will always treasure the memories. Also, thanks for putting up with our antics, especially “Special Ed”. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again.
Debbie & Steve (aka Mary Ann & Gilligan).

The end of our trip is here – sadness. Lots of luck & calm seas for you.
With love, Your Zoomie Zoomie, Fuzzy Duck Group